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The Little Prince - Il Piccolo Principe

Hi !!

I apologize, but the pages about "The Little Prince" are no more available on our site also if now we have a new Little Prince page with the help of Wesakeditions , Editor of some dialectal versions of the Book The Little Prince


To be more "correct" , some time ago, I've sended a mail to the french Gallimard , owner of all the rights about "The Little Prince", advicing them about the presence, on my site of the pages about "The Little Prince", saying them that the presence would be only with a part of one charapther, without any commercial purpouse and with an explicit invite to buy the book.

The Gallimard answered me, ORDERING me to erase IMMEDIATELY those pages to avoid any juridical problem....

Being the presence of those pages on my site, only linked with my love for the beautyful novel of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry I've immediately erased them...

Here, a copy of my mail to Gallimard , of their mail and my answer .follow.

I invite all the "Little Prince lovers" to sign my "The Little Prince" lover's Guestbook , leaving me your opinions and/or suggests...

Thanks for visiting my pages,

Antonio Massimo Fragomeni

( a "Little Prince" lover )
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